A black crow has knocked on my window and three seperate times today what could this mean?

I am staying in my mum and dads isolated house alone. Earlier today I was downstairs making some food when I heard a banging sound. Which is weird as there is no close neighbours. I looked around but couldn’t see what was making it. Then the noise stops from the part of the house it was first coming from and then there’s a big bang on the window behind me. I turn around and theirs a massive black crow banging its beak and using its legs to try and get through the window. After a few minutes It notices me and flies off. A few hours later I go back in the kitchen and the banging starts again. I look for the bird and this time its banging on the bathroom window. Pretty scared right now as it seems very odd behaviour for a bird especially as a crow is meant to be attracted to death and it seems determined to get inside?

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