A question about publishers clearing house if a minor is to win the sweepstakes?

I was just wondering well i am 15 years old and i entered the publishers clearing house sweep stakes for 2 million dollars and 10.000 a month for life and i think you also get a car but anyway am i to young to play in this contest i mean i am just saying if some one under 18 years old was to win the sweepstakes and they show up at your house would they be able to give you what you won and if not could you maybe put it in some one elses name ok lets say for example a 15 year old wins and they show up at your house and you say well thank god i won but i am only 15 and they say oh well you are to young but then could i say wait can i put it in my parents name until i am 18 or would they just pack up there stuff and leave?

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