Am I starting to like my guy friend?

I have a guy friend at work but we work different shifts. We message each other every other day and sometimes we will catch each other at the same time in the break room and he will sit next to me at my table and talk. I make fun of him and give him nicknames and he laughs. I compliment him and i find myself just smiling while he’s talking. I enjoy being around him.he will talk about anything and he’s very nice and smart. He will pay attention to what I say. I hurt myself on this thing at work on my hand and he messaged my saying he hurt himself the same way I got hurt on his hand too during that same week and it was so weird how it happened to both of us at the same week and same way. He’s doesn’t have a gf but i feel normal when I speak to him I just am starting to feel funny stuff towards him idk what it is.

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