5 Amazing Facts about Braille Writing and Reading Code

Louis Braille was a Frenchman who invented touch script (writing and reading system) for blind people, based on codes of raised dots.

1. Loss of sight

Loss of sight

Louis Braille was born in a small village of Coupvray, about 30 km near Paris, on January 4, 1809. In 2009, the 200th anniversary of his birth was celebrated in many countries around the world.
At the age of 3, Louis lost his sight being injured in the eye by a sharp awl when played in his father’s workshop. At 6, like other sighted children Louis Braille went to Coupvray local school where he showed himself a good pupil thanks to his exceptional memory but because of his total blindness he was able to study only by listening to the teacher’s oral lessons. He attended the village school until he was awarded a scholarship to the Royal Institution for Blind Youth in Paris which he entered at 10.

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