6 Amazing Facts about Ukrainian Language

6 Amazing Facts about Ukrainian Language

Ukrainian is one of the most widely spoken among the Slavic languages.

1. Ukrainian among Related Languages

Ukrainian together with Belarusian and Russian belongs to the East branch of the Slavic of languages of the Indo-European language family. The closest languages to Ukrainian are Belarusian (approx. 85 %), Polish (70%) and Russian (62%). This is not surprising considering the fact that Russian, Ukrainian and Belarussian evolved from Old Slavic language used in medieval state of Kyivan Rus’. It is spoken by about 46 million people in Ukraine and in other countries, first of all, neighboring such as Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Russia, in immigrant communities in Brazil, Canada, Australia, the USA and many other countries. Ukrainian is the official language in Ukraine and first of two principal language of Ukrainians. The second is Russian which is spoken mostly by the south and east population.

Ukrainian among Related Languages

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