Atomic Weight of Metal through electrolysis???

Alright, so I did an experiment where I put two lead strips in PbNO3, and connected a cathode and anode to both strips, and then the lead hooked up to the anode lost mass. The amount of electricity was 400 amps over 30 minutes and it lost around 1 gramish. I m not asking you to do the calculations, I m just wondering, how would I use all this info to determine the atomic weight of lead? I m guessing something with the ideal gas law? But I m still unsure. The whole purpose of this experiment was to find a procedure from the internet and then recreate it, so getting input from online is okay. All I really wanna know is what steps should lead me to figuring it out on my own, because I have all this data and I m unsure what to do with it. Can you please not just do the math? I’d rather you just explain what equation or concept to use to find the answer, I can do the math.

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