Ballet Summer Intensive Programs?

I will be 15 years old for the upcoming summer, and I’ve never gone to a ballet intensive program before. Out of 8 levels in own dance studio, I am in level 7.

I’m not looking to be a professional dancer; the main reason I wish to go to an intensive is to improve. My technique is not perfect and I am a weak turner. Last year, I had to retake my level to progress, so I am definitely not a natural dancer. All the girls who go to summer intensives come back each semester with huge improvements, so I was thinking of going to one of them.

I am not sure which intensives I should head towards. (Not ABT, etc, of course) Smaller companies/intensives would be a bit better for me, because I am new and would like to have an easier start. Do any of you recommend any other places that you might have gone to?

Thanks so much for the help. Ballet means so much to me and I would really love to go deeper into it.

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