5 Basic Makeup Tips for Beginners

5 Basic Makeup Tips for Beginners

For those who has just started out with makeup may have a lot of different questions concerning makeup technics, beauty products, the most popular and quality brands, etc. Creating a perfect everyday look is not an easy task, if you are not a cosmetician but here we offer you to read through some simple makeup tips that can be applied by beginners at home.

1. Know Your Complexion

Know Your Complexion

The very first thing a makeup novice should know is a type of complexion, namely, what shade of skin one has. This is necessary step to do before choosing a moisturizer and such beauty products as a foundation, a primer, a powder, a concealer, etc. Beauty routine begins with a gentle cleansing your forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, and neck and moisturizing your face and neck skin. Wait a few minutes while moisturizer is sinking in. Then put on a primer light foundation using for this purpose a makeup sponge. Primer, foundation and powder are used to hide all pimples and imperfections and create a smooth look. Foundation is known to have different shades, so it can be applied to face skin with the particular shade. If one has dry skin, foundation has to be liquid or hydrated. Powder is created to be applied to the oil and combination skin. Concealer is applied with a small pointed brush under the eyes to hide dark circles and on the pimples.

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