BF problem??? Is he worth it?

So I feel like my BF puts me last all the time… It was back on Christmas Day. He recieved this 4000$ check and he went shopping for all his friends, his family and went it came down to him being broke, he bought me something worth 3 dollars. Knowing I bought it so many presents. All worth 300$. I do everything for this guy. I pay his bills, I make sure he has doe thing in his stomach, when he needs something I get it for him, when he’s going through family problems in there for him. Nobody else is as down as I am for him but he puts me last, ALL THE TIME. He takes his friends out whenever he gets paid, then he visits me for 20 minutes and takes off.. Everytime I get my check, I spoil him cos I love him and I care for him.. But me, it’s like I don’t matter, I’m just existing to him… Thoughts??

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