Biology Homework help?!?!?!?

Which of the following is the definition of ecology?
-the social movement with a goal to protect the environment
-the recycling of human-made materials to reduce the waste going into landfills
-the study of interactions among organisms and between organisms and their environment
-the philosophy of living with reduced impact on the Earth

The lowest level of environmental complexity that includes both living and nonliving factors is the

An ecologist observes similarities between a species of bear in North America and a species of bear in Asia. Which is the most likely reason that these two species have similar physical characteristics?
-Bear species have the same degree of similarity no matter where they are found.
-The two species are part of the same community.
-Migrating members of the two species bred with one another.
-The species have adoptions that allow them to live in the same type of biome.

Which ecological inquiry method is an ecologist using when he or she sets up a greenhouse and measures the effects of different levels of carbon dioxide on an endangered plant species?

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