Bleached my hair twice in 2 days, feels like mush.. HELP!!?

so my hair started of as a dyed dark brown, and i decided i wanted to go blonde before vacation. i went to sallys and they told me to do a color zap and come back the next day so they can evaluate what color it lifted to and figure out what to do from there. my hair lifted to a bright warm orange color. i went back today and they gave me a toner to mix with 20 volume devoleper & a natural blonde dye. i did what they said and toned my hair and then dyed it the blonde color the lady gave me. my hair turned out a strawberry blonde. so technically the toner and dye just lightened the orange color.. thats all it really did.. i went back to sallys late tonight to show them that the orange was still there and the lady said i will have to bleach it again. so they gave me ammonia free bleach this time around since i just bleached the day before & they gave me some ash blonde dye, level 9, to battle the orange. i got home and immediately bleached my hair again with the ammonia free bleach they gave me & mixed it with the 20 volume developer. after it was all applied, i started getting nervous because i was bleaching my hair for the second time in two days and so i rinced the bleach out 5 mins after it was all applied. now my hair is currently still wet & mushy & gummy & breaking off… right now i have ion repair conditioner sitting in my hair along with a spray leave in conditioner. it doesnt seem to be helping much.. my hair is still orangey but only on the top… help?? pleasee??

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