Boyfriend problem? :( HELP ME!?

I am a a 12 year old youtuber and my boyfriend is a youtuber too he’s 10, he’s my internet boyfriend and he asked me out 2 days ago, but then
my brain keeps saying “What have I done?!” He had a crush on me since April and when I started to have a a crush on him I told him so he asked me out, I still love him, But i’m scared that I would lose my interest in my celebrity crush Jace Norman, At my age (12) I think i shouldn’t date I feel much comfortable with no boyfriend right now, I didn’t tell my bf that i wanna stay friends with him because he kinda cries alot and maybe people would start calling me a B#tch or something, I mean I love him he’s cute and he has a sweet personality, and all we do is just talk on youtube and google plus because he’s american and i’m Maltese,My sister says that we aren’t dating at all,but playing, I HATE DATING AT 12 YEARS OLD! 🙁 Help me! My sister only knows that we are “dating” I think if i tell him i wanna break up i would break his heart please help me

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