Boyfriends Brother / Sister Relationship – Is this Weird? Please Help!?

My boyfriend of nine months (he’s 26) is best friends with his 22 year old sister.

She had a child at 19 and her daughter is the cutest little girl whom by boyfriend adores.

The sister is best friends with my boyfriends ex (they dated for six years) and wouldn’t meet me until after he told the ex that he was actually seeing someone new. This took 7 months for him to do and when he did, I finally met his sister and closest friends, whom her goes out drinking with (without me) a lot.

On the night we met (his sister, and two of his best friends) we went out and she demanded a lot of his attention. I spend most of the night with his friends and she and he partied a lot on their own, which I didn’t mind so much, I know it’s family and I respect that.

He fussed a lot over her, piggy backing her when her shoes hurt, making sure she got food when she was hungry, organising cabs etc. . . she’d had a little too much (I couldn’t really tell, but that’s what she said) and ‘needed looking after’.

During the day, she texts him and calls him a lot, often him being her first point of call for assistance or advice before her boyfriend, whom she lives with and has a child with.
When we had a moment alone, she spoke to me and referenced her boyfriend and her brother and said this:-

“I know I have a boyfriend and he’s great and everything, but my brother, my brother is my soulmate. He will always be my soulmate”

She depends on him a lot, and this made me feel a little ill, like she was saying to me that she’ll always be the number one girl in his life. But soulmate?

I understand the close bond of brothers and sisters, but is this normal?

And what’s worse, is that I told him about it, saying that I think she got involved too young and got the physical stimulation she needs from a relationship from her boyfriend and the emotional side she’s lacking from it – she finds in her brother. Now I’ve only met her once and they are very close and they will be spending the next two days out partying and doing things together and with her friends. I’m pretty sure he’ll tell her and no matter what, or how much of a good place it all came from (and it truly did) I’m going to look like the b*tch cause it’s the sister, and as they’re out and with her support group, some bad things will be said against me. Again, just an assumption, but you know girls. . .

Was I right to feel weird about the soulmate thing, or even slightly ‘told’ by her. Was I right to talk to him about it? I haven’t heard from him at all today which is usual, how do I fix this? I truly love him.

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