5 Brilliant Tips for Great Face Skin

5 Brilliant Tips for Great Face Skin

Face skin that looks well is usually healthy. But there are many factors that affect it negatively. They are skipping regimen negative lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, stress, damage from the ultraviolet rays, air, water pollution, and other. So, is a healthy, glowing face skin an unreachable dream or a possible reality? Of course, it is the reality that doesn’t require any surgical procedures. A flawless skin is a result of one’s patience, knowledge of the skin care basics and a constant adherence to the regimen. Here are some effective tips on how to improve appearance of your skin with a professional approach and make the skin picture-perfect accustoming yourself with some basic useful habits.

1. Avoid Dehydration

Avoid Dehydration

To keep your face skin free of dehydration drink lots of water at least 6 glasses daily. Another way is to eat fruits and vegetables rich in H2O such as cucumber, watermelon, orange, grapefruit, apple, strawberry and other. Take in consideration is water you use for the face care soft or hard. Soft water is better, of course, though it doesn’t remove care products well. Hard water on the contrary removes soap well but it makes skin dry. To balance this use non-soap formulas which doesn’t lather so you can remove make up with soft water.

Also, to avoid dehydration block ultraviolet rays which increase the risk of skin cancer and cause age spots, wrinkles and other skin problems. For sun protection use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 every two hours avoiding the sun between 10 and 2 p.m.

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