Broke my foot what do I tell my boss / co-workers?

broke my foot while I was celebrating my bday in Vegas recently. Someone bumped into me while I was walking out of the club and of course I was wearing heels, so I lost my balance and fell. Twisted my ankle and fractured my foot on the way down. Had a few drinks but it was an accident that I think would’ve happened even if alcohol hadn’t been involved.

Anyway as a result of all this I had to take time off of work for a few weeks to recover. This whole thing has really been horrible situation. But what has really been bothering me now is how to explain what happened to my boss/ co-workers when I return to work. People are already asking me what happened and I don’t really know what to say other then someone bumped into me and I fell. But I know they are going to want to know more once I get back and I am a horrible liar.

Obviously i feel embarassed and I want to protect myself because I’m a little worried that if I told the whole truth my job might be at risk, especially since I had to miss work over it.

So what should I say if they don’t ‘buy’ my story that I was bumped into and I fell. I really do not want to answer the where? when? how? what were you doing? questions.

I know this was long, but any advice would help, i’d appreciate it.

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