Brother’s going to university tomorrow and I feel so sad :'(?

He’s leaving tomorrow and until today the fact that he was going hadn’t really sunk in. but now it feels more like reality with him having to pack and everything. he’s 18 and i’m 15 and it really sucks because i’m in my final year on high school and i’m going into my GCSE’s an the fact he won’t be there at the time makes me sad 🙁 i always struggled with maths and he is so clever, and he always used to help me revise and with maths homework but now for my most important year and maths GCSE’s he won’t be. It’s also the fact that every night during the week, both of my parents work – so when i get in from school every night, he won’t be there on the sofa watching tv or upstairs on his computer – i’ll just be completely on my own for about 4 hours every night which makes me feel soo depressed :'( i can’t stop crying. i’m going to miss him so much and the sad thing is, we’re taking him to uni tomorrow to drop him off, and i;m so scared im gonna start bawling my eyes out and look like an idiot 🙁 i dont think he realises how sad i am about this, am im just sitting in my room on my own right now crying – so pathetic i know!
it’s just sad knowing i’ll pretty much be an only child now. he also will be about an hour and a half away and i won’t see him until xmas from now!!
He’s just been a huge part in my life for 18 years and we’re so close, and he’s just going tomorrow which seems so surreal. For all my life i obviously knew this day was going to come, but it seems to soon and i cant believe its here already 🙁 🙁
I’m also one of those people who hates change so its not looking too good for me!

I know i’ll get over it and my parents feel the same so i’m not alone – but in some ways i still feel like i am and i hate that 🙁 how do i deal with it? is there anything i can do to make me feel relatively better because quite frankly i feel really crappy right now :'( i’m gonna miss him soo much. you don’t realise how much you love someone until they leave :”'(

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