Can hear my brother having sex with his gf?

Yeah so i am going to be 17 in 4 months and my brother is 20, he got a new gf not to long ago and she is a nice person don’t get me wrong. But you see since it’s the school break i go to bed really late like 2-3am bascially he invites her over and that time of the night to stay over which is fine. But since his room is right next to mine and the walls are like paper i can hear them having sex, they have sex everytime she comes over and she comes over probably like 4 out of 7 days each week

I am honestly sick and tired of it, it really annoys the crap outta me, i mean right now i am kind of depressed and i just think that this is another way life is punishing me, i haven’t had a girlfriend before or even kissed a girl and my mum wouldn’t let my girlfriend sleep over because i am too “young” i just feel alone all the time too, i don’t have too many friends either and i dont want to hang out with the ones i have

I told my parents about it and they said they will have a “word” with him and they say that all the time but nothing changes, honestly i hate being the young one i wish i was an only child

What can i do to solve this problem because i am just about on edge to kick my brothers ***.

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