Can I go scuba diving during my period without a tampon?

So I got my period 2 days ago and tomorrow I am going scuba diving with my mom and some friends. I was praying there wouldn’t be heavy flow by tonight but I am not counting in that today. I DO NOT use tampons cuz I don’t know how, my mom doesn’t let me, and Im scared :S. Also I can’t ask my mom or tell her that I am on my period and don’t want to go because she and I aren’t very close and I don’t trust her and I don’t EVEr tell her anything cuz it’s actually better like that. Oh and also no diva cups or anything like that please

Anyways, can I just go diving without a tampon cuz the flow isn’t too bad. Will there be sharks? Also I have been swimming during my period but the flow wasnt heavy and it stopped for the next couple hours so i was wondering if i could do it when scuba diving.Also this is only the 2nd time im going after I got my license so Im still a beginner

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