Can someone please tell me what this girl thinks about me?

We have been texting for only 3 days now, and we hit it off pretty well. We even set up a date that was supposed to occur yesterday, however she was sick so she stayed home from school and couldn’t go on the date. Whenever we text and I try flirting with her she flirts back, which is obviously a good sign. I asked her yesterday if I could do anything for her (because she was sick) and she said no. I told her I’d quit texting her because I didn’t want to bother her since she’s sick. Today I wake up and ask her how she’s feeling, no answer. I have to text her again and ask her “is everything okay”, which she responds “yeah!”
I tried making conversation with her all day and she hasn’t responded to any of my texts or snapchats. I consulted a friend who recommended I do the same things I already had done (ask her if she’s okay and if I can do anything). I’ve texted her 3 more times after that and she hasn’t responded or even opened the snapchat once. And I KNOW for a fact that she isn’t busy and can’t get to her phone because I can see her SnapScore changing every 10-15 minutes.
Yeah I may be paranoid, but I really do like this girl, and from first impression she likes me too. What on earth did I do to make her not respond to me all day? Does she pretend to like me but actually doesn’t? Or is she just thinking and discussing amongst her friends if she should date me or not?
Thank you in advance.

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