Can you get pregnant 10 days before your period if you don’t have the “normal” 28 day cycle?

I missed my period over a week ago.
Me and my Bf thought we were in the clear because I was only about 10 days from starting my period.
I can calculate almost down to the hour when Im going to start, so when that day came…my period never did.
I waited and waited because I figured it was because I had just recently started shcool and may it was due to the schedule change.
but it’s been over a week and I still haven’t seen any signs of my period.
I get occassional cramps, especially yesterday.
and I have been getting almost non-stop headaches.
The day before i was supposed to start I got a lot of stretchy clearish discharge…and all throughout that week.
I still get it a lot but not as much as last week.
and yesterday morning at school I felt so nauseated i wanted to run out of the class and find a trash bin somewhere.
(Luckily I didn’t vomit!)
and about 3 AM this morning I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep because I felt so nauseated again.
I know you can’t give me a direct answer, that’s not what I’m looking for.
I would just like your opinion on what YOU think.
Is it possible I could’ve gotten pregnant, even though it was 10 days before my period? or
Could it just be that I have just recently started college again?

P.S. I dont have the “normal” 28 day cycle.
mine Is usually 38 days.

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