Check my american literature answers?

ok american literature isnt my strong point so can you tell me if im wrong and if i am can you explain why

1. In aint i a woman, Sojourner Truth uses rhetorical devices of
a. repetition and allusions b. metaphor and emphasis c. narration and parallelism
i got b

2. Nonstandard words or phrases acceptable to a particular group or region are calls
a. colloquial b. archaic c.allusion
i got b

3.Which of the following types of writing foes NOT apply to Chief Joseph’s speech an Indians view of Indian affairs?
A. narrative b. ornate style c. persuasive d. expository
i got d

4. the narrator in coopers leather stocking tales is
a. first person limited b. third person omniscient c. third person limited

5. In the poem the raven, the raven is
A. a symbol b. the narrator c. Edgar Allan poe D. lenore
i got a i am doing my hw im just asking to check if im right considering im home schooled and have to teach my self everything i dont have someone helping me bye

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