Critical Do’s and Don’t for Your Funky New Tattoo

In recent years, body art has lost the stigma it used to have. No longer relegated to sailors, gangs or bikers, it’s almost commonplace to see men and women sporting all kinds of tattoos. So. You want to get a tattoo. Here’s some really important things to consider.

1. Picking Your Design.

Make good choices. If you have something in mind, think about how it will look now and later in your life. You might be a big fan of Anime or Bart Simpson but do you want an elf or Yogi Bear on display for the rest of your life? Probably not. It’s wise to pick something small to start and put it somewhere discrete. That way, you can get used to it, without revealing it to your friends and family. Plus, getting something small on your back, shoulder or ankle will let you know how painful it will be. Also, if you are having script, make sure everything is spelled correctly.

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