4 Delicious Healthy Halloween Options

4 Delicious Healthy Halloween Options

Halloween is getting close and if you worry about the sugar intake for your children or if they have allergies or other food or product intolerances, there are a few ways to keep everyone happy.

1. Make Your Own

If your child has an allergy or intolerance to certain foods, it may be impossible for them to attend a traditional Trick or Treat going from door to door or a community type of party. In particular if it’s a wheat or peanut allergy, it’s nearly impossible to safely monitor them. There are many ways around sugar in foods, baking with apple sauce, mashed pears or bananas for cake and cookie types of treats or varieties of homemade chocolates using your own ingredients. It’s a good idea to avoid sugar substitutes containing Aspartame and these types of chemical substances.

There are healthier sugar substitutes available at health food stores and other larger supermarkets. You may need to try few to find which works best for you. You can dip bananas in chocolate and freeze them for a refreshing treat, home made popsicles made with fruit juices or even make chocolate balls using healthy breakfast cereal.

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