Did I do the right thing?

A friend of mine at work has been getting harassed by another co-worker. They are calling her up at night drunk and saying very belittling things.When she’s given this person a ride home they tell her that she doesn’t deserve to work as much as she gets scheduled for with the excuse of “you don’t work as hard as me”

Basically this person is taking her anger on my friend and has not once confronted our manager about her issues (when he is the one that controls everything that goes on).

My friend has been hesitant to go to our manager because she worries that he’ll view it as starting drama or she’ll be a burden. Today I had enough and I talked to him and told him everything that has been going on. He thanked me and it seemed genuine, and he told me that he’ll be doing something about it. However, I just worry that my friend will be upset with me because I didn’t discuss with her about me doing this.

I really don’t want this other person to get away with treating people like they are, but at the same time I know it’s not my fight and maybe I should have stayed out of it. Did I do the right thing?

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