Did you realize your parents were/are abusive?

As a child, you think your parents are god, even if they do wrong. When you grow up and look back, you realize some things.

I’m 18 y/o female now. I have a really strong memory about life events. I look back now to the type of behaviour I faced from my mother (who I now know is narcissistic) and father (who is also a retard). I remember how once in the store, I was maybe 7, and my dad was mad at me for some reason (I was being a kid like all kids, not listening or getting distracted by items) and he said ‘come here you DOG’, yelling. I remember him slapping me on the face for something silly, threatening to do something really bad to me if I didn’t listen, etc.

I remember being kicked by my mom, slapped on the head, back, and face, pinched, my hair pulled if I didn’t listen to something. Even chased me around the house with a KNIFE once, and once with a newspaper caught on fire to scare me. Once she pulled my clothes off what the eff and said I’ll get my shirt back if I listen.

Now when I look back, I realize these are things that could get them jailed if I told the police. I realize that this was abusive, dysfunctional behaviour. It’s not physical now, but now it’s subtle and more mental.

what do you think of this and what was your experience?

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