Do you believe once a cheater always a cheater?

I went on a date with this guy a while ago and the entire time his “ex” gf was calling his phone nonstop. He called her his stalker. I never went out with him again because I got a weird feeling and didn’t trust him well two weeks later I ran into him and his “ex” gf out together. Then a month after that he is on Facebook in a relationship with another girl and she moves in with him from out of town. Six months later they break up and now he is texting me again to go out. Also while he was in a relationship with this girl he texted me a couple time to go for drinks and posted on my facebook timeline hello. I told him no thank you and that I was seeing someone and very happy he then commented on my friend and told me she was a MILF. Are guys like this always like this or do they ever change their ways? And why is he this way?

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