Do you know these 5 little facts about French Language?

Do you know these 5 little facts about French Language?

French (Français) is one of the most widely spoken and beautiful languages in the world. Also, French is known as the language of international diplomacy. Learning French consists probably on 50 per cent of practicing very hard for non-French speakers pronunciation and, perhaps, on 30 per cent on learning of words and phrases since they are little bit sophisticated.

If you are seeking for some interesting facts about French, welcome to our post to enhance your knowledge about this amazing language.

1. Widely Spoken Language

Widely Spoken Language

French is spoken in total by about 300 million people around the world. This language is mother tongue of 80 million, the other speak it as a second language. French speakers are united in The Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (for the first time term La Francophonie was used by French geographer Onésime Reclus to refer to the community of people for whom French is a mother tongue or customary language). This organisation comprises 57 member states, 3 associate members and 20 observers. Comparing to English which is the official language in 45 countries French is recognized as an official language of, besides France, 28 countries in Europe, North America and Africa, namely of Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Canada, Haiti, Cameroon, Mali, Burkina Faso, Congo, Chad and other. French is the 3d most spoken language in Europe, after English and German. Besides, it is widely spoken as an unofficial second language in Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and many other countries.

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