Does ignoring a girl make her want u?

So this girl I used to like in my class(she knows I used to like her) I’ve been ignoring her for 2 days straight. Why you ask. Well I’m experimenting how girls would react if u ignore them. So lately she has been saying f you to me when I ignore her.. She said that tomorrow aftershock she’s gonna beat me up.. Keep in mind that I haven’t said a word to her for these 2 days.. Her tone sounds playful In a way cause she was smiling while she said it… I’m gonna ignore her for the whole week to see what happens.. She also tells people that I’ve been ignoring her… Then when I walked in the class I was talking to my friend and she was mocking what I was saying… Keep in mind I didn’t say a word to her… So is this what could this mean? She likes me or what. Idk

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