Does she like me?

Ok so I think my co worker likes me, but we have only worked together for 5 weeks. When ever I walk into work she always says hi to me with a smile on her face. She always holds eye contact for a while honestly. When ever she helps me she always gets really close to me to the point where we are almost touching. She also is a smart *** and makes fun of me sometimes but makes it funny. here recently she had started touching me she tapped my back while I was working on something then walked off when I turned around. She also grabbed my hand with the item when I need help to ring it up. I don’t even have to try to make her laugh. One time when we had to take out the trash all I said was whoa and she just started laughing like she heard the best joke I the world. When we stock the store she is always close to me or helping me with my area. When I leave work she says bye and drive safe. There are some things that make me feel like she’s is just being friendly though when ever she has the chance she will help out the boss with things in the store and leave me alone up front. Sometimes she also talks to other male co workers around me, but they have worked together longer and I know they all have girlfriends. So what do y’all think is she some what interested or just being friendly. reason I’m asking is because normally I would just ask her out to coffee or lunch but since we work together I don’t want things to get awkward. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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