Does this mean ill be getting my first period soon? HELP?

Im fifteen, and i havent had my period yet, i have a/b cup boobs, armpit hair, a lot of pubic hair and been having clear/yellowy/white discharge for a while now. on february 26 i had a brown discharge that looked like poop, but it was only a little bit. then 6 days later i had a dull pain in my lower abdomen around the uterus area that whole week. do you thinkk ill have my period soon?
im pretty sure the brown stuff wasnt my period, it was like just the tiniest bit and it only happened once, the pain thing stopped and ive gone back to clear discharge .
before i got the tiny bit of brown discharge i got a weird discharge that looked like snot or saliva…
and ive been getting more acne then usual :/
my hairs a lot oilier than usual too 🙁
was the brown stuff spotting? i didnt get any after that one time! 🙁
im having rtouble peeing too… like i can pee but it takes a while to start the stream
my mom says before she starts her real blood period she has brown discharge for 3 days
im a virgin btw
what does this mean?
im average weight
btw my grandma was 16 when she got her first period so idk :/
ive also been REALLY bloated lately, its been over a month (march 25) since the poop discharge happened :/
i had cramps (like jabbing pains on and around my uteras area) again from wednesday to today (i only had a little bit today but thursday i almost cried from the pain, i took an advil and i was fine) -.- and im getting so much clear discharge that my panties are like soaked
and ive been getting small amounts of that spit like discharge too :/

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