Energy and Specific Heat Capacity Question?

In this problem, you will look at how much energy a mobile phone transfers to the user.
Mobile phones radiate electromagnetic energy. European regulations recommend these phones deliver no more than 2 W per kg of body mass (averaged over 10g of tissue). Assume that a mobile phone radiates energy such that each kg of tissue near the ear receives 1.4W of power. Assume that this energy is used to heat the tissue.

In 1 hour of mobile phone use, how much energy does it deposit per kg of tissue ?
Give your answer in Joules.

If the specific heat capacity of the tissue is the same as that of water (4186J kg-1°C-1), what increase in temperature would you expect for the tissue in your head? Use the answer from question 2. Note that, as this ignores heat loss etc., this estimate is an upper limit only.
Give your answer in °C.

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