5 Essential Tips on How to Stay Slim This Winter

5 Essential Tips on How to Stay Slim This Winter

Winter is a period of holidays, sitting in home and an abundance of food which is not always healthy. During this time of year the main temptation is to relax, hibernate, stop doing exercises and overeat. In average, person can gain from 5 to 7 pounds over the chilly season.

The problem is that even a few days of overeating are so that staying slim becomes harder and harder with every kilo of gained weight. Only one feast spent with a redundant pleasure from eating pasta, bread and cookies can change a body fat level. Unfortunately, fat is lighter than muscles, so extra calories don’t reflect on the at once affecting mainly on body shape.

Here are some basic tips on how to avoid winter weight gain and stay in shape.

1. Some Food Before a Party

Some Food Before a Party

If one is planning to go to a party with an empty stomach, realization of such an extreme idea may result in healthy problems. If you feel hungry but you know that within 3-4 hours you will join the party, don’t wait, take some healthy snack to satisfy your hunger.

The reason for such behavior has scientific background. There’s a lag time between eating and feeling full, so if you delay time of taking your meal when you have a huge appetite, be ready that you can fall ill. Generally, one must have small meals every 3 hours. Eating food in excessive quantities after a long hunger is the first step to irregular meals which cause a lot of different diseases.

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