Fake friend?

I have social anxiety and only have two friends, one of them I’ll call J and the other I’ll call G. J goes to the same homeschool I go to and G goes to highschool. I feel like J and I have a good relationship, she is always there for me and I am for her as well, we have been friends for two years but I feel she is a better friend than G, G and I have been friends for 7 years. G used to be really cool but lately she’s been making me feel bad. Just today she called me to say whats up and to every reply I gave her, her other friends on the other end of the phone with her and her were laughing. She offered to hang out but I said no, I have a lot of homework ( because I do) and her and her friends were like, suuure homework. And since im socially anxious and dont kniw her other friends I felt uncomfortable and said I have to go and hung up. She rarely texts me but the conversation is always short (like 4 texts long) she makes inside jokes with her other friends about me and it’s really hurting my feelings, she is a fake friend and makes me and J feel bad. J has told me that she acts like she doesnt know her when she goes to highschool for her one class. I dont want to be friends with her anymore. What should I tell her next time she texts me?

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