Fight Your Holiday Fat!

It’s the same every year. We barely put the summer clothes away and we’ve moved in to our cozy, bulky sweater. It’s often a relief to cover up our flaws, but it’s also easy to gain weight. Most people gain a bit of weight through the colder months and the holidays make it even harder. One day, shorts and tee shirts, then before we know it we’ve blasted through the holiday season and by January we are all squeezing in to our fat pants. Here’s a few things to keep in mind as we enter the Eating Season!

1. Halloween

Be mindful of how much you eat. The stores seem to put out the Halloween candy before the leaves have even thought about changing colour. I’ve fallen victim to this trap. You buy candy to hand out, you eat three bags of mini chocolate bars, your buy more. It never seems like much, does it? No. Because they are Fun Size! Then, heaven help us if there are left overs!

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