Fight Your Holiday Fat!

Fight Your Holiday Fat!

3. Christmas

Here it is.The one we’ve been training for. Regardless of what holiday you celebrate, unless it involves fasting, this is where things get real. For the most part, it’s a repeat of the paragraph above, except more of it. This can go on for weeks before and after and indeed well in to the new year. Many company Christmas parties are booked early so you may have a work function starting in November. Once you get that holiday cheer in your system, it’s hard to forget about it. It’s also often the only time when people really make an effort to see friends and family, and that always calls for dinner or drinks with snacks and appetizers. It’s very difficult to say no. It’s very easy to say, ‘I’ll start my diet in the new year’. Probably the most famous of all broken New Year’s resolutions.

Of course you want to enjoy yourself, and so you should. Just keep an eye on your waist line and be aware how much you are eating. Snacking can be the biggest culprit for weight gain, because snacks are in small bowls so although it doesn’t seem like much, it’s those little bowls that pack the biggest caloric punch!

Mmmmm …. punch.

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