Foods That Have Gluten and Gluten-Free Foods

Foods That Have Gluten and Gluten-Free Foods

Why is gluten known to be dangerous? In general, gluten is not a dangerous ingredient. It is a protein found in most wheat-based flours. Though it may cause a celiac disease which is an inability to digest gluten protein found in wheat and some other grains. Most people don’t have any problems with gluten but studies showed that every 133 American has this severe autoimmune disorder. Gluten intolerance may cause damage to small intestine, lead to fatigue or irritability and some nutritional deficiencies.

1. Gluten-Containing Foods

Gluten-Containing Foods

Those who have celiac disease should avoid mainly foods that include wheat which is known to be the main source of gluten. The exact cause of gluten intolerance is not defined but most theories say that the main reason of gluten allergy is processing of the wheat and other grains. So, the reason may concern not as gluten itself as in an inability of the body to digest it because the food it is contained in was processed.

In the largest amounts gluten is contained in wheat, rye, barley and foods made of these grains. So, if you decided to avoid eating gluten, you have to exclude from your diet such common foods and ingredients as white flour, wheat starch, germ and bran, whole wheat flour, semolina, bread, crackers, crispbreads, cakes, brownies, croutons, bagels cookies, muffins, pastries, pasta, couscous, gravy, beer, sauces, dressings and other.

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