Girl gave me phone number without me asking, is she interested?

So I used to work with a girl who I felt was interested in me, I would see her look at me and smile every now and again, and she was receptive when conversing. This was also one of her last weeks working at the store, so I felt sad and was planning on getting the number anyways haha. Well one day she came up to me while working to see if I could cover her shift the following Monday, I know she didn’t ask anyone else because she came straight to me first, but I told her I would have to look in the schedule book. To make a long story short she bascially gave out her phone number to me, written on a piece of paper with her name, and said get back to me when you can. And smiled as she left work. Turns out I couldn’t work her shift and she came into work Monday anyways. Could she of been interested, or was her giving her number out just for the shift?

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