GIRLS ONLY! Embarrassing period stories please.?

I want to know if anybody else has had any embarrassing period stories. Ok here is mine.

I was going on holiday to my aunties wedding and the day before we went i got my period but i didn’t tell my mum because i was to embarrassed. So i found some of my mums pads that were lying around. So it came to the day of the wedding and then my mum dropped the bombshell we were going swimming that morning. In our hotel thee were open changing rooms so I told my mum that i wanted to change in the toilets.She thought it was weird but agreed. To my surprise it stopped when I got in the water and there was no blood for like 15 minutes. Then when it got to the wedding (By The Way I was bridesmaid) we had he service and that was good but then the evening party i forgot all about my period. Then 3 hours later i felt wet really wet. and i stood up and my dress was RED. I just cried and ran away but luckily nobody saw and my mum came to the bathroom and helped me out.

Fancy your story i worst than mine i dont think it will be its pretty embarrasssing.

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