Girls, This girl that sits next to me touches me inappropriately one week and next week ignores me? Why is she doing this?

i currently sit next to a girl who i rarely talk to. I Tried being friends with her before and tried asking her to lunch and she basically said no because ‘I have no meet my friend… but you can come if u want.’ I kinda got the message she didn’t want to have anything to do with me. And that was fine, i didn’t want to push her or anyone to be my friend so I gave up on her. And for weeks basically we were just sitting next to each other and not talking to each other. Went on for 5-6 weeks. And then all of a sudden I noticed that she was bumping her legs into me one week. I kinda ignored it thinking nothing of it. Last week she was bumping her leg into me A LOT and even put her legs on my legs for 5 seconds looking at me. She then put both her legs on her leg. .. I Was so confused i was shocked i didn’t even get to ask her why she did that, I was also embarrassed i didn’t want to say anything. Today i met her after a week and she pretended like nothing happened just on her phone and i minded my own business. Look i try to make nothing of it. but just curious. Why is she doing this?

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