5 Golden Gym Rules You Should Never Break

5 Golden Gym Rules You Should Never Break

In case, if you took an overweight test and result was positive but you would like to start a fitness program anyway, here are some effective, so called golden, gym rules. Without these golden rules people usually stay confused about when stretching should be performed, what exercises should be included in full body workout plan, what should a diet consist of, etc. Please, continue reading to know how you can improve your workout for a healthier life.

1. Be Well Hydrated

Be Well Hydrated

Water is an essential component of health for gym-goers. During an hour of exercise, people lose approximately a litter of water. If you feel exhausted, possibly you simply need water in order to maintain your energy level, body temperature and heart beat. It is recommended to drink a cup of water a half an hour before you start exercising, every 15 minutes during exercising and 30 minutes after a workout.

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