Got my brothers wife pregnant?

I need a little advice to a matter what’s been eating away at me now (mostly guilt) for a good few months. My brother and his wife have been together from a very early age, early teens to be precise. They are now both 41 and married. They have two children together, 15 and 6. It all started a month and half before the wedding day in may. My brother was working away and wasnt due back for another week. I called around to his house to pick my tools up and borrow a drill. His wife was doing the house work as usual and making dinner. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her she looked amazing as she always does, and I guess I just couldn’t hide my feelings any longer. I had a really mad moment totally out of the blue something I wouldn’t dream of doing. I went in for a kiss and she backed away and asked what I was doing. I said I’m sorry and to my suprise she came at me kissing me back. We would meet up whenever we could and have sex. I feel asif I should of met her instead of my brother all them years ago and she feels exactly the same. When my brother returned home it was such a mess because he would always be in our way and when he wasn’t around there children would be. We stopped talking and meeting not long after my brothers return because the wedding wasn’t long away which made it almost impossible to creep and sneak as everyone was busy preparing the wedding. On the wedding day I watched the woman I love marry my brother and announce they was having another baby. I almost threw up. As the night drew to an end all the family was dancing my brothers wife approached me and told me she wasn’t sure who’s the baby was and that its highly likely to be mine because my brother was working away while she was most fertile. She is about 5 months gone now and we are still meeting for sex. How do I get rid of my brother? He has also told me he suspects she’s having an affair already. Will he be upset if I tell him what’s happend or take it better because I’m his brother? Help please.

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