Help! Fitness experts and medical experts needed. I need to lose weight.?

My name is Tristan, I m 18 years old 5ft 10inch and I weight 190 pounds. Recently I went to the doctors and was told I have a fatty liver. They said that just exercise and eat right is what to do without explaining what those are in detail. I realize everyone is different and somethings work for others. But ultimately I need help, I m very upset with my body. I m not fat but I m very out of shape I can run a long time and can do normal exercise but I m not sure what I should do. I still go to school and have to eat whatever my mom cooks at the end of the day. I need to know like if I just eat in moderation (“healthy foods”) and just run a few miles every single day with a 7 minute work out ever day as well will that help me lose the fat I have on my stomach and ultimately make me healthy? What can I do to help lose my stomach fat and help my liver levels go down? I need professional help or at least someone who is close to what I m going through and has done something and it worked for them. I just want to lose my big stomach and become healthier I am dedicated to doing whatever can help me. Thank you to anyone who can help me.

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