Help me figure out something i can do with my hair!!?

heres some background on my hair: i had been going to a salon every two months for nearly two years to maintain my platinum blonde hair & everytime i did that, we would bleach my roots & then tone. i decided it was getting too expensive & had a friend of mine in cosmetology dye my hair what i thought would be a semi-permanent light brown. she left the dye in my hair for nearly 90 minutes & failed to inform me the dye was permanent. my hair ended up being jet black & i hated it. im naturally a dirty blonde & my roots were getting awful so i added a head full of high lights a couple months later. my hair is now a dark brown with platinum streaks here and there. my hair is a little gummy when wet & most of my highlights have fallen out. (again, she left my highlights in for nearly two hours.) my roots are about two inches worth of a medium blonde color, while the rest of my hair is dark brown with broken platinum streaks. its at my shoulders and so so frizzy. my wedding is coming up in october and id really like to be a shade of blonde before then. please please help me. my hair is an absolute mess. i’m willing to cut some length off but im not sure what to do!!!

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