Herbal Peeling: the Most Helpful Home Remedies

Herbal Peeling: the Most Helpful Home Remedies

There are many ways to get glowing skin and it is actually a result of a versatile skin care routine that includes eating fresh fruits and vegetables, regular cleansing and moisturizing, exfoliating, avoiding bad skin care habit, etc. An overuse of cosmetics, exposing to sunlight for prolonged periods of time, bathing with very hot water, cold weather, genetic factors, infections, allergies can cause dry skin. Herbal peeling is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of the dry facial and body skin by a gentle removing the outermost layer of dead cells. In comparison with other exfoliation methods, efficiency of the herbal peeling consists in mechanical action combined with the effect of plant nutrients. Herbal peel can successfully deal with such skin problems as oily and impure skin, clogged pores (black heads), acne as well as wrinkled and sun-damaged skin. So, get a look through a herbs list to get some information on how to use herbs at home for a fabulous skin.

1. Turmeric


Turmeric is one of the most effective exfoliants. Besides deep cleaning and removing all dirt and dead cells from the skin, it relives acne and boosts blood circulation. In order to prepare a turmeric face mask mix together 0,5 tablespoons of turmeric with 2 tablespons of a flour (barley, oatmeal, etc.) or sandalwood powder and a little water, honey or some herbal oils (olive, almond, coconut and other). Put a mixture on your skin for 20 min and then wash it off with warm water. It is recommended to apply this mask before taking a shower since natural yellow color of turmeric spice gives strong tone to the face.

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