How can I get my brother off of his video games addiction?

My brother is 14, almost 15, and all he does all day is play video games up in his room. He only comes downstairs to eat, or if a really good television show is on. He got an Xbox360 about two years ago, and ever since he’s had it it’s all he’s been playing. We never get to see him in the Summer. And He always has to get these points for his game, and has to have everything Halo that comes out. My parents don’t do anything about it, even though I beg them, and tell them he’s not healthy. Plus all he eats is junk food and never drinks water..only soda and flavored drinks. He is not active at all, and only goes outside to walk down the street to his friend’s house to play more Xbox. I love doing outside activities, but I always have to do them by myself because both of my parents are really busy, and my brother is my only sibling that lives with us. I don’t mind him playing video games for like…2-3 hours a day, and then maybe coming outside to jump on the trampoline, or practice softball with me, or going somewhere like on a bike ride, or to the mall for some brother-sister bonding time. Both of my best friends moved far away, so I can’t see them very often if at all. I get lonely a lot because he won’t do ANYTHING with me, and my parents never really have time to. I do have a puppy, but she sleeps all the time, and when she is playful, it’s only for about 30 minutes, and I know they’re supposed to sleep, but it just gets boring after a while, so I have to do everything fun by myself. Does anyone know how I can get my brother to get out of the house and stop his video game addiction?

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