How do I get my hair to grow longer?

I have wavy long hair that I would like to grow out a bit more but I’ve had no luck during the years of trying to make it grow.

I’ll cut off two or more inches to get rid of split ends and dead ends. But every single time any progress I make I end up having to cut off because the ends become split.

I do not use any kind of heated styling tools such as curling irons or straitening irons. I let my hair dry on its own after a shower instead of using a hair dryer. I don’t use any kind of styling products such as hairspray or hair gel.The only hair products I use are shampoo and conditioner.

I brush carefully to avoid pulling and breaking my hair and only brush long enough to remove tangles.

I’ve recently taken to checking my hair for split ends and snipping off when I see them in between trims.

My mom suggested cutting off four or more inches but with how painfully slow my hair grows already I’m scared that if I cut it too short it will remain that way and the problem will just continue with me being stuck with shorter hair.

I had around that amount cut off at a salon for a special occasion back in elementary school. My hair use to be almost past my mid back but when it was cut back then it was just past my shoulder blades.

I expected my hair to grow back to the regular length after a few months or so. But it didn’t and the problem I mentioned above started. That’s why I’m so worried about cutting that much off again.

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