How much weight will I lose?

So in the summer, I m going to be taking some cardio, high intensity, kickboxing classes at the rec centers. I won t go into full depth but each class is an hour, there s about 3 classes a day, (mon-fri) very spaced out times
Ex: 5:30-6:30 am is the first class, second class is 10:30-11:30 am, and lastly (either) 4:00, or 7:00 pm.
So I totaled up how many hours it would be. It would be approxeventually 12. Is that too much? Also of course I ll be drinking a crap ton of water, like …. A LOT! During the summer I ll be eating more fruits and veggies, and healthier food choices. (Since I m trying to lose weight)
Not to mention I also have an amusement park pass. So I can swim and ride rides. Maybe go 3 TIMES every month. (So maybe that week it would be 9 hours a week of rec choices, but I have all that walking and swimming)
So myaim question is… how much weight would I lose? Is this too much to do? Would I be getting toned and lose weight, or gain big muscle. Please answer, thank you!!:) p.s. I m 5″0-5″1 I weight about 145, and I m 15, will be 16 in a month (I know I m overweight)

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