How soon is too soon to tell someone you love them?

I’ve been dating my boyfriend officially for 1.5 months. We’re both 19/fr. in college. We’d been talking/hanging out/for about 2 months before we started dating and now we consider each other best friends as well as bf/gf.

A couple days ago he told that he didn’t want to tell me he loves me until he really means it, and that it might be a while before he does say it (I’ve never said it). He also said it was because he wanted a meaningful relationship with me and not a “high school” relationship. I’m happy he feels this way because I do too, I haven’t told him yet either because I want to be sure about my feelings… But where I’m concerned is that I actually believe that I might love him, to the point that I actually think about what a future might be like with him. I try not to fantasize about it, but I think he might think about it too. He’s said things that hinted towards it along the lines of: asking me if I’m a good cook, I ask why, and he says “the future.” He also once asked me places I might want to live one day, I told him Toronto, he asked “why there?” And when I answered he responded “yeah I guess I could see myself living in Toronto” …he’s said other things like this that I don’t think he’s realized.
I’m still not ready to decide that what I feel is “love” but I’m worried that my feelings might be stronger than his, as they have been in all my past relationships. I just need some help not getting in over my head if my feelings really are too strong.

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