How to dance (please help)?

Okay so I’m going to a prom this weekend (my senior year of HS), and I don’t know how to dance. I can slow dance — like I’m comfortable with it. But anything more than that and I honestly can’t stand it.

I just don’t feel comfortable with it. Every time I go to a school dance or something I just freeze up because I literally don’t feel comfortable with it. Mostly because everyone (by everyone i mean the whole group of people dancing) looks like fricken monkeys to me. Seriously they don’t look human. I either laugh or when it comes time to dance I get super nervous almost immediately, like SERIOUSLY nervous. I’ve never said that about anything but dancing (all except slow dancing specifically like the tango).

With that said we’re all invited to this after prom party at this place called Miami Nights. Seems like a decent place and a video my friend showed on his timeline (which showed people dancing at the place with music and ****), actually made me more interested in learning how to dance. The problem is just feeling comfortable with it because no matter what it just always looks ridiculous, even when I try to look on wikihow for some tips.

So yeah any advice would be great.

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