How to grow my hair out over the summer?

Okay, so …I’ve got a confession to make. I’ve been flat ironing my hair ever since the beginning of 8th grade. I’m about to be in 10th grade now, so that’s about 2 years of straightening my hair. I used to have hair that went past my shoulders, touching the tip of my chest, but then I got it cut several months ago (which I regret deeply). I got my hair styled to where it looks scene-ish/skaterish with short layers and I got a side fringe. I’ve worn my hair natural with my haircut before, but my natural wavy hair just looks horrible…it poofs out and it looks like a mop is on my head. I do use heat protectant spray when I flat iron my hair, it does help a little, but I’ve noticed that my hair isn’t really growing the way it should. It used to grow SUPER fast (I’m just like my dad…his hair grows fast too.). But I’ve noticed it’s the same length as when I got it cut. My bangs have grown out a little, longer than what they used to be but’s that’s about it.
I’m not really used to wearing my hair up in a messy bun/ponytail because I feel really weird. I also feel like everyone is starring at my ears (LOL I say that because I have my mom’s ears…her ears are …well, big…and I feel ugly when I wear my hair up, even though my family and friends say it looks fine.)
I’ve tried to stop flat ironing my hair a few times, but I always gave up on the challenge. I know flat ironing your hair isn’t good if you do it everyday. I really want to stop and let it grow out a bit over the summer so when I go into 10th grade it will be at it’s original health again.
I’ve tried deep conditioning treatments too, I’ve tried cutting off my split ends but nothing seems to be working.
Can anyone give me advice? I really want to grow my hair long again…I regret getting it cut and I want to grow my layers and bangs out.

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